Te Ihorei

Ko Nga Puhi ratou ko Ngati Whaatua ko Ngati Porouri oku iwi


The Work

The CRUX – Maori Angels Series 2018; Clay, Engobes, Raw Whenua no te Taitokerau & Multipotentialite – Maori Angels Series 2018; Oxides and Clay

The Crux is a symbol of your own health and wellbeing. In order to look after another you must first look after yourself, pull things apart, fit them back together and grow from the experience. Multipotentialite is about being talented in many areas. Often at times we are educated and pushed towards choosing one passion or talent to follow in our lives or careers. A Multipotentialite is someone who is practices many creative talents. Meaning: Follow your passion however many you may have.


The Medium

Pushing Limits connecting with Papatuanuku


The Inspiration

Sandy Adsett – his dedication to others, Manos Nathan – for his Trust and loyalty , Colleen Waata-Urlich – Hardworking and generosity, Baye Riddell – for his Reliability and Good humor, My daughter-Inca for her creativity and spirit for adventure.


The Art – what does art mean to the Artist?

Maori art is creative platform to revive knowledge and share it. It is also my therapy 🙂


Contact the Artist



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