Te Ihorei

Ko Tamahaki toku iwi, Ko Ngāti Hinekura te hapū.


The Work

Ko au te awa Year made: 2019 Digital print onto polyester canvas

Within my whanau eeling has always been part of what we do. At the same time, our awa, The Whanganui River, was once abundant with tuna. Many pā tuna we’re used up and down the awa and tuna were an important source of kai. Reflecting on my own identity and that of my Whanganui whanui I thought that the tuna was an important part of this.


The Medium

Working with digital mediums allows me to spend more time on the conceptualisation and design stages of making the art.


The Inspiration

Many artists, both Māori and non-Māori. I have always been interested in the work of Robyn Kahukiwa, Lisa Reihana and Cliff Whiting. This is because they are innovators and their work is often both technically sophisticated while carrying important stories and kōrero.


The Art – What does this mean to the artist?

Māori art means everything to me. It reflects our ideas and culture back to us.


Contact the Artist


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