Te Ihorei

Te Arawa, Te Atiawa;


The Work

Pākati Teterihi, 2018, 3D Printed Polyamide
Pākati Pakemana, 2018, Cold Cast Bronze

The works have not been carved but 3D printed or cast from 3D prints, taking advantage of an emerging technology that is able to create patterns and forms that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to create by hand. This then pushes the tradition of whakairo into a new territory of which I have named whakapī. The visual language of the works will look customary/traditional at first glance, however on closer inspection you will find that they are patterned with references from popular culture such as Tetris and Space Invaders etc. linking technologies of today to the technologies of old.
Our traditions dictate what we should do and how we should do it. However, when considering the above ideas and the way we can and have adapted to changing environments through new and innovative technologies I tend to subscribe to our oldest tradition.. the tradition of innovation itself.


The Medium

I work in many mediums and they all have their own unique qualities. Some materials are better to use than others depending no what you are doing and wanting to achieve through your work. And so, I think being able to choose the best material for what you are trying to express is the best thing.     I’ve been considering the uniqueness of our art forms here in Aotearoa recently especially whakairo, that has lead to questions and ideas for me around tradition and innovation.


The Art – what does this mean to the Artist?

It means that I can create through expressing who I am as Māori.


Contact the Artist

email: kereamataepa@xtra.co.nz; web: kereamataepa.co.nz; instagram: @kereamataepa; facebook: @kereamataepaartist

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