Te Ihorei

Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, Wai o Hua


The Work

Marama 2018 (Morphic Resonance Series)

Glass is a seductive medium because of its ability to transmit light and colour. The crafting of glass requires one to develop a relentless persistence and discipline to cultivate an understanding of its behaviour. By default, working with this material starts to shape the artist as glass becomes the teacher. A weaving together of cultural and scientific narratives of the celestial bodies


The Medium

Kiln formed, fused, coldworked glass


The Inspiration

Anish Kapoor’s work affects me, somehow he touches the intangible magnificent, something of universal truth underlying the mythological and primordial


The Art – what does this mean to the Artist?

A representation of who we were, who we are, where we are at in the moment the art is made and where we are evolving towards


Contact the Artist


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